Runway Operable partition

Acoustically dividing your space

Runway makes spaces more versatile with efficient solutions for multi-purpose environments. It’s a mobile divider for conference rooms, ballrooms and any other spaces that need to be quickly re-arranged, while maintaining optimal acoustic comfort.

Runway is offered in a variety of finishes to blend into any interor layout, with trimless panels for a more streamlined look.

Adjusts to floor variations of up to 38 mm (1 ½’’) inches
Engineered to obtain the industry's highest standards of acoustic performance.
* Estimated based on the materials chosen. Tests to come.
Can incorporate single, double, tempered,
laminated, acoustic or painted glazing.
Made of heavy duty aluminium extrusions witch translate in to a more rigid panel, a shock resistant assembly, all for a increased durability.

Side view
integration examples

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Protective frame
Recessed frame
Tracks and carriers

Tracks and carriers systems of capacity exceeding industry standards.


Overlaping seal gaskets.

Interlocking astragal

Vertical interlocking astragal for a tight seal.


Multiple choices of frames and finishes combinations.

Telescopic seals

Top and bottom telescopic seals linked to panel structure

Other technical specifications

Frame colors
From our standard offer or others.
Frame finishes
Anodized or powder coated, from our standard offer or others.
Type of panels
Paired or individual.
Overall thickness of partition
100 mm (4’’) et 118mm (4 5/8’’)
1230 mm (48’’) max.
Standard width
None, tailored to the professional's requirements.
Extruded PVC gasket around the entire perimeter of the wall to ensure optimal acoustic seal.
Type of seals
Retractable PVC top and bottom.
Track systems
#71, #80, #91.
Type of panels
Full-height glazed panel in tempered, laminated or acoustic glass.
Glass thickness
2 x 6 mm (1/4’’), 8 mm (5/16’’) 10 mm (3/8’’) or combinasion.
Melamine, steel, aluminum, vinyl, wall fabrics.
Panel thickness
12 (1/2’’) or 16 mm (5/8’’).
Sound insulation
Mineral wool.
Pass-through door
Same construction and finishes as the partition or wood.
Pocket door
Same construction and finishes as the partition or wood.
According to needs and specifications.
Installation features
Floor level
Can be adjusted to fit floor variations of up to 38mm (1 ½’’).
Seal between the panels
Concealed joint (trimless), visible joints protecting edges of panels.
According to requirements STC ratings of 47, 50 or 52.
To suit floor layout.
5 years parts and labour on panels, tracks and trolleys.